10 Things a Waiter Must Know

10 Things a Waiter Must Know

Bond, James Bond. Okay, so maybe you don’t exactly have to be 007 to bounce between tables. But even if you had a tenth of the skillset and charm of Mr Bond, you’d be on your way to becoming the world’s greatest wait person. What makes James a great role model for wait staff worldwide?

From Russia with Love

Bond: “Red wine with fish. Well, that should have told me something.”

Red Grant: “You may know the right wines, but you're the one on your knees.”


The dictionary describes charming as “pleasant or attractive”. While we won’t tell you to flirt with your customers like James, regardless, he is always polite to friend and foe alike.

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Look to James to know how to broker a deal between warring factions, soothe a rampant child, speak without offence and get what you want, all with a smile.


We’ve all seen him do it – kiss a girl while staking out a room. And while we’re not advocates of fraternising with customers, you get our drift. Keep your eye on, well, everything.

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4. FIT

Leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Yes, okay, that’s Superman, but surely in a Bond movie somewhere, James also did that?) Fight off six men with his bare hands. Pry open prison bars. You get the point. A good waiter can run all day and carry more than two plates at a time.


Bond is adept at reading people – get to know yours. Are they happy? Sad? Want to be left alone? Need company?


Bond always has a line of pretty girls scribbling phone numbers on serviettes and matchboxes. Pity if the handwriting was illegible. Verbal or writing, make sure your words are clear and precise to avoid confusion.


If you don’t have the best memory, remember sequences. Take orders clockwise around the table – just remember who you started with! James never forgets his enemies or girlfriends.

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From Diamonds Are Forever: “Well, one of us smells like a tart’s handkerchief.”

Customers don’t want to smell your B.O. or your after shave. They don’t want hair in their soup or a loose fingernail.


Trust your gut. Follow your hunches. Know what to say but when to say it. What to clear but when to clear it. When to be absent and when to be present.


When all is said and done, you are the face of the business. You are it’s calling card and a reason for a patron to like a place or not like a place, no matter how good the food is or is not. Show up, be present, be the best.

In fact, be Bond. James Bond.

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