RSA NSW renewal course

RSA/RCG competency card renewals

A NSW RSA/RCG renewal is only available through L&G NSW while your competency card is still current!

Your NSW RSA & RCG competency cards are valid for a period of five years and before they expire, you should receive a notification from the NSW Liquor & Gaming Authority, letting you know how to refresh and renew the cards.

Renewal and online refresher training is only available via the links sent by Liquor & Gaming NSW when your renewal period opens. Any RTO which allows you into the NSW RSA or RCG course while your competency card is current is in breach of the Authority Licence Agreement.

What if you do not know when your RSA / RCG competency card expires?

You can call the company you did your training with and ask them for the training date. You could also call the authority (L&G NSW - 1300 024 720) if you do not know which training company you did the course with.

What if I attend an RSA/RCG course with a training provider while my certificate is valid?

It is unlikely that the training provider is going to ask you for a copy of your existing card, especially if you book online, so if you enrol and neither party is aware that your card is still current, the training provider will most likely discover this when they try to lodge your application for a new card. Most likely the lodgement will be rejected and you will have unfortunately wasted your time and money completing the course the way it's not supposed to be. So do not do a courses at registered training organisations as this will not renew your card.

When do I get notice from L&G NSW to renew my competency card?

If you hold a valid competency card that is reaching expiry, Liquor & Gaming NSW will contact you by email and/or SMS about how to renew your card. If you did not receive this email or SMS, it may be because your contact details have changed, therefore you will need to complete a 'change of contact details form' from the L&G NSW website.

Reminder notifications are sent 90 days before the card expires and are sent to the email address and mobile number you used to apply for your competency card.

How long does it take to complete the L&G NSW refresher training?

The refresher course is provided through an online platform, it is a fast-paced program and takes up to 45 minutes to complete for each course. You will receive a link to complete the online training with your expiry reminder notification. A $35 renewal fee applies.

What is my competency card has expired?

You have up to 28 days after your RSA/RCG NSW competency card has expired to renew and complete the online refresher course. If more than 28 days has passed, you will need to attend a full RSA or RCG NSW course with an approved training provider.

What if I never applied for my competency card and just have my interim certificate from the training?

The interim certificate is valid for 90 days, allowing you to apply for work and commence employment whilst waiting for your competency card to arrive in the mail. However, if you never applied for the competency card, the interim certificate does not expire until the 5 year period is reached.

If you hold an interim certificate and are reaching the five year expiry date, you must apply for a photo competency card before you can undertake the renewal process.

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